Sid Lohia

<i>Canaries for Sustainability</i>

Canaries for Sustainability

Tiana Tutt

<i>Check Yourself</i>

Check Yourself

Evan Trainor

<i>Feminist Party</i>

Feminist Party

Rachel Worthman

Mental Health is Overall Health

Olivia Mitchell

<i>Star Power</i>

Star Power

Lauran Liang

<i>Kill Pollution</i>

Kill Pollution

Cassandra Johnson

<i>Keep It Down</i>

Keep It Down

Katherine Chao

<i>Employ Ability</i>

Employ Ability

Kyle Bianchi

<i>Pause and Rest</i>

Pause and Rest

Qin Yupeng

<i>The American Dream Is..</i>

The American Dream Is..

Susan Yixin Xu

<i>Embrace the Game</i>

Embrace the Game

Connor Tripp

<i>Out Of Focus</i>

Out Of Focus

Megan McGuire

<i>Now We Run</i>

Now We Run

Vanessa Gregorchik

Baby Get On Board

Claudia Bracy

<i>Pick Right</i>

Pick Right

Alidrissi Yasmeen

<i>Get Better.</i>

Get Better.

Abby Walker

FDA Contaminates

Erin Borst

<i>Tread Lightly</i>

Tread Lightly

Hope Luria

<i>Free the Speech</i>

Free the Speech

Brandon Siu

<i>Free the Speech</i> Video

Free the Speech Video

Brandon Siu

<i>A Penny for your Thoughts</i>

A Penny for your Thoughts

McKenna Shuster

<i>Two Degrees</i>

Two Degrees

Heather Laroche

Two Degrees Video

Heather Laroche



Olivia Rouse

<i>Addiction Sucks</i>

Addiction Sucks

Lila Selle

<i>Reclaim the Kitchen</i>

Reclaim the Kitchen

Zack Labadie

<i>Expand Your World</i>

Expand Your World

Shelby Robin

<i>Smart Seafood</i>

Smart Seafood

Mo Godin

<i>Black Lives Matter</i>

Black Lives Matter

Michelle Lee

<i>Save A Life</i>

Save A Life

Jacqueline Garruto

Justice for Flint

Jana Walker

<i>Justice for Flint</i> Video

Justice for Flint Video

Jana Walker

<i>Get With the Times America</i>

Get With the Times America

Jennifer Heintz

<i>I Am Cold Too</i>

I Am Cold Too

Paul Lawrence

<i>I Am Cold Too</i> Video

I Am Cold Too Video

Paul Lawrence

<i>Keep Sharks in Our Seas</i>

Keep Sharks in Our Seas

Nicole Phillips

<i> One. Part.</i>

One. Part.

Jack Dombrowski

<i>Fight not Flight</i>

Fight not Flight

Charles Si

Fight not Flight App

Charles Si

<i>Only Three</i>

Only Three

Christina Allan

<i>One for Three</i>

One for Three

Caitlin Kwan

<i>Get Up and Go Out</i>

Get Up and Go Out

Rachael Bentley

<i>Reading Adds Up</i>

Reading Adds Up

McKenna Curtis

<i>Take Back the Tusk</i>

Take Back the Tusk

Karen Doyle

<i>Dark Light</i>

Dark Light

Edwin Lo

Dark Light – Video

Edwin Lo

<i>Compost Boston</i>

Compost Boston

Andrew Oberst



Isa Mendez



Amy Lyu

<i>Anonymous was a Woman</i>

Anonymous was a Woman

Amanda Pinsker

Anonymous was a Woman – Video

Amanda Pinsker

<i>Hackcident Prevention</i>

Hackcident Prevention

Alexandra Barretto

<i>Stand Up, Speak Out</i>

Stand Up, Speak Out

Nathaniel Hulsey

<i>The European Dream</i>

The European Dream

Lydia Loannidou

The European Dream Video

Lydia Loannidou

<i>Speak Love, Love Speaks</i>

Speak Love, Love Speaks

Emma Seraichick

Speak Love, Love Speaks Video

Emma Seraichick

<i>See The World</i>

See The World

Alexandra Salerno

<i>See The World – Video</i>

See The World – Video

Alexandra Salerno

<i>Human Trafficking Happens Here</i>

Human Trafficking Happens Here

Rebecca Porter

Human Trafficking Happens Here – Video

Rebecca Porter

<i>Simply Smile</i>

Simply Smile

Nicole Maalouf

Simply Smile – Video

Nicole Maalouf

<i>Hope You Can Swim</i>

Hope You Can Swim

Nolan Manning

<i>Iran Is</i>

Iran Is

Salar Salari

<i>Wrap It Up</i>

Wrap It Up

Linlin Liu

Wrap It Up – Video

Linlin Liu

<i>Buzzing Botanicals</i>

Buzzing Botanicals

Brian Fountaine



Renee LaPlante

<i>B is for..</i>

B is for..

Rayyan Makati

<i>The End Zone</i>

The End Zone

Noelle Thorstenson

<i>Kill The Catcall</i>

Kill The Catcall

Molly O’Neill

<i>Protect Don’t Purchase</i>

Protect Don’t Purchase

Michelle Espinosa

<i>Inform Reform</i>

Inform Reform

Megan Hill

<i>Kids Being Kids</i>

Kids Being Kids

Laura Zuk

Kids Being Kids – Video

Laura Zuk

<i>Domestic Violence Is</i>

Domestic Violence Is

Karina Pacheco

Domestic Violence Is – Video

Karina Pacheco

<i>Embrace Yourself</i>

Embrace Yourself

Juliana Tennet

Embrace Yourself – App

Juliana Tennet

<i>Support Net Neutrality</i>

Support Net Neutrality

Jon Polen

Support Net Neutrality – Video

Jon Polen



Eric Lee

<i>Access Water</i>

Access Water

Carolina Rodriguez

Access Water – Video

Carolina Rodriguez

<i>Climate Changes</i>

Climate Changes

Anna Driscoll

<i>See The Change</i>

See The Change

Alina Donato

See The Change – Video

Alina Donato



Alex Morris

<i>Terminate.com – Video</i>

Terminate.com – Video

Alex Morris

<i>Bike Raise</i>

Bike Raise

Eli Littlefield

<i>Open Mountain Project</i>

Open Mountain Project

Sarah Mack

<i>More Than Size</i>

More Than Size

Vicky Btesh

<i>What’s Your Foodprint?</i>

What’s Your Foodprint?

Suma Hussien

What’s Your Foodprint? – Video

Suma Hussien

<i>Smoking Costs</i>

Smoking Costs

Selasi Kumahia

Smoking Costs – Video

Selasi Kumahia

<i>One Step Away</i>

One Step Away

Sapphire Reels

<i>Hear Her Voice</i>

Hear Her Voice

Michelle Yuen



Madeleine San Martin

Enough – Video

Madeleine San Martin

<i>Set Sail Sober</i>

Set Sail Sober

Halle Murdock

<i>Learn Code</i>

Learn Code

Dang Nam Vu

Learn Code – Video

Dang Nam Vu

<i>Check Your Chest</i>

Check Your Chest

Cristina Silva

<i>Made in the Mississippi</i>

Made in the Mississippi

Ashley Paris

Made in the Mississippi – Video

Ashley Paris

<i>All Equal</i>

All Equal

Ailyn Pestana

All Equal – Video

Ailyn Pestana

<i>Think Twice. Swipe Once.</i>

Think Twice. Swipe Once.

Roya Rakshan

<i>It’s On You</i>

It’s On You

Tyler Mitchell

<i>Same Blood</i>

Same Blood

Ryan Ma

<i>Let Me Walk</i>

Let Me Walk

Min Lee

<i>Tusk Love?</i>

Tusk Love?

Maggie Cellucci



Lik Hang Leung (Boaz)

<i>See Me</i>

See Me

Kelly O’Foran

<i>What’s Eating You?</i>

What’s Eating You?

Jamie Levine



Becky Still

Native – Video

Becky Still

<i>Invest In Your Body</i>

Invest In Your Body

Claire Dufournier 

<i>Donate a Smile</i>

Donate a Smile

Gila Fachler

<i>The Fracking Truth</i>

The Fracking Truth

Evan McEldowney

<i>The Fracking Truth</i> – Video

The Fracking Truth – Video

Evan McEldowney

<i>Vist Cuba*</i>

Vist Cuba*

Emma Kurman-Faber

<i>Vist Cuba*</i> – Video

Vist Cuba* – Video

Emma Kurman-Faber



Carrie Ambo

Tanked – Video

Carrie Ambo

<i>Hydrate the Bear</i>

Hydrate the Bear

Benjamin Hughes

<i>When The Smoke Clears</i>

When The Smoke Clears

Muigai Unaka

When The Smoke Clears – Video

Muigai Unaka

<i>Don’t Be That Guy</i>

Don’t Be That Guy

Haley Dennis

<i>Don’t Be That Guy </i> – Audio

Don’t Be That Guy – Audio

Haley Dennis

<i>Don’t Be That Guy</i> – Video

Don’t Be That Guy – Video

Haley Dennis

<i>Your Info?</i>

Your Info?

Jennifer Kappel

Your Info? – Video

Jennifer Kappel

<i>Fight The Gap</i>

Fight The Gap

Sarah Alkuhaimi

Fight The Gap – Video

Sarah Alkuhaimi



Ramin Kohanteb

<i>Eat Real</i>

Eat Real

Nicole Steinberg

See Me Video

Kelly O’Foran

<i>No Anxiety</i>

No Anxiety

Jill Rosenberg

<i>No Anxiety</i> – Video

No Anxiety – Video

Jill Rosenberg

<i>Diversify Stem</i>

Diversify Stem

Dwight Clark

<i>Rethink Pink</i>

Rethink Pink

Jenny Jolley

<i>Just Start</i>

Just Start

Nick Sciarratta

Just Start – Video

Nick Sciarratta



Michael-Vincent Espanol

Reconnect – Video

Michael-Vincent Espanol

<i>Meet Your Match</i>

Meet Your Match

John Hawley-Rivera

<i>Meet Your Match</i> – Video

Meet Your Match – Video

John Hawley-Rivera

<i>Parental Pause</i>

Parental Pause

Joe Stella

Parental Pause – Video

Joe Stella

<i>Speak Love</i>

Speak Love

Phi Ngo

<i>Chew Wisely</i>

Chew Wisely

Raymond Phu



Rebecca Yukelson

Unplugged – App

Rebecca Yukelson

<i>Eat Right Now</i>

Eat Right Now

Laura Marelic

<i>Dip Out</i>

Dip Out

Vendela Larsson



Michelle Balabon

Vegolution Video

Michelle Balabon

<i>Know to Grow</i>

Know to Grow

Kerry Rubenstein

<i>Naked Drugs</i>

Naked Drugs

Julia Wilson

Naked Drugs – Video

Julia Wilson

<i>See the Meaning</i>

See the Meaning

Erinn Scammon

<i>Drink or Drive</i>

Drink or Drive

Cara McGrath

Drink or Drive – Video

Cara Mcgrath

<i>Vote No on the Sale of Horse Meat<i>

Vote No on the Sale of Horse Meat

Chelsea Asermely

<i>Face Debt</i>

Face Debt

Edwin Morris

<i>Text Later</i>

Text Later

Sally Mei



Milan Moffatt

<i>Next Text</i>

Next Text

Jared Pike

<i>Choose Health</i>

Choose Health

Leah Glennon



Jake Simonds-Malamud

<i>Little Things</i>

Little Things

Jordan Beckvonpeccoz

<i>Give Life Become a Donor</i>

Give Life Become a Donor

Emma Montgomery

<i>Heart Your City</i>

Heart Your City

Emily Geller

<i>Wear it Proudly</i>

Wear it Proudly

Danielle Morimoto

<i>Wear it Proudly</i> – Video

Wear it Proudly – Video

Danielle Morimoto

<i>Where Art Thou?</i>

Where Art Thou?

Courtney Springer

Where Art Though – Video

Courtney Springer

<i>Not Kidding</i>

Not Kidding

Benjamin Young

<i>Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining</i>

Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining

Abbie Hanright

<i>Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining</i> – Video

Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining – Video

Abbie Hanright

<i>Waste Taster</i>

Waste Taster

Adam Pelloso



Colleen Murphy

<i>Wastefull</i> – Video

Wastefull – Video

Colleen Murphy

<i>Say Something</i>

Say Something

Kat Garcia

<i>Say Something</i> – Video

Say Something – Video

Kat Garcia

<i>Learn Everywhere</i>

Learn Everywhere

Ellen Biewald

<i>Learn Everywhere</i> – Video

Learn Everywhere – Video

Ellen Biewald

<i>Save Food Waste Less</i>

Save Food Waste Less

Kevin Challberg

<i>Save Food Waste Less</i> – Video

Save Food Waste Less – Video

Kevin Challberg



Erica Bonkowski

<i>Engage</i> – Video

Engage – Video

Erica Bonkowski

<i>End Trade</i>

End Trade

Catie Cameron

<i>End Trade</i> – Video

End Trade – Video

<i>Lost in Packaging</i>

Lost in Packaging

Xue Ao Zhang

Lost in Packaging – Interactive

Xue Ao Zhang  

<i>See Depression</i>

See Depression

Sarah Park

<i>See Depression</i> – Video 1

See Depression – Video 1

Sarah Park

<i>See Depression</i> – Video 2

See Depression – Video 2

Sarah Park

<i>Green is Easy</i>

Green is Easy

Maple Kuo

<i>Green is Easy</i> – Video

Green is Easy – Video

Maple Kuo

<i>Dont Test Humanity</i>

Dont Test Humanity

Jessica Shapiro

<i>More is More</i>

More is More

Taryn Sadauskas

<i>More is More</i> – Video

More is More – Video

Taryn Sadauskus

<i>Words Hurt</i>

Words Hurt

Emily Plourde

<i>Words Hurt</i> – Video

Words Hurt – Video

Emily Plourde

<i>Invertir En Su Futuro</i>

Invertir En Su Futuro

Roshni Mirchandani

<i>Text Talk</i>

Text Talk

Erin Lynch

<i>Text Talk</i> – Video

Text Talk – Video

Erin Lynch



Allan Yu



Anne Latini

<i>A World Without Art</i>

A World Without Art

John Daigneault

<i>A World Without Art</i> – Video

A World Without Art – Video

John Daigneault

<i>Bridge the Gap</i>

Bridge the Gap

Laura Crossin

Bridge the Gap – Video

Laura Crossin

<i>Green Change</i>

Green Change

Nader Boraire

<i>Green Change</i> – Video

Green Change – Video

Nader Boraire



Ryan Lee

<i>HIP</i> – Video

HIP – Video

Ryan Lee

<i>Smoke Aware</i>

Smoke Aware

Veronica Zhu

<i>Food Fight</i>

Food Fight

Laura Upham

<i>Food Fight</i> – Video

Food Fight – Video

Laura Upham

<i>Second Hand Smoke First Degree Murder</i>

Second Hand Smoke First Degree Murder

Wells Riley

<i>Rethink Racism</i>

Rethink Racism

Taso Petridis

Rethink Racism – Subway Ad Video

Taso Petridis



Lisa Jeon

Han – Video

Lisa Jeon

<i>Print For All</i>

Print For All

Alyssa Cavanaugh

Print For All – Video

Alyssa Cavanaugh

<i>Unprocess Your Diet</i>

Unprocess Your Diet

Kristen Sapowicz



Alyssa Muro

<i>Go Away</i>

Go Away

Kelly McCloskey

Go Away – Video

Kelly McCloskey



Taylor Bodnar

E-Waste – Video

Taylor Bodnar

<i>Pass the Word, not HPV</i>

Pass the Word, not HPV

Noelle Sorrentino

<i>Bike Because</i>

Bike Because

Alex Turnwall

<i>Below the Line</i>

Below the Line

Amanda Athanasiou

Below the Line – Video

Amanda Athanasiou

<i>A Pawssible Solution</i>

A Pawssible Solution

Jann Velez

<i>Too Much TV</i>

Too Much TV

Jake Rainis

Too Much TV – Video

Jake Rainis

<i>Glow Green</i>

Glow Green

Jaturont Jamigranont

<i>Paper Nor Plastic</i>

Paper Nor Plastic

Katie Drago



Katie Gavenda

<i>Fuel Change</i>

Fuel Change

Geoff House

<i>Fuel Change</i> – Video

Fuel Change – Video

Geoff House



Eric Fensternheim



Kathryn Hansis

eci – Video

Kathryn Hansis

<i>Your Night</i>

Your Night

Lauren Werner

<i>Global Groceries</i>

Global Groceries

Michael Weinstein

<i>Stop the Count</i>

Stop the Count

Lori Kauffman

Stop the Count – Video

Lori Kauffman



Eli Epstein

<i>Dogs Deserve a Name</i>

Dogs Deserve a Name

Allison Reese



Kip Davis